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Ross Video @ NAB 2015


Ross Video Introduces Carbonite Black

Carbonite Black brings expanded I/O and ME count to the Carbonite series, with a beautiful new control panel, 3 full MEs, 36 Inputs and 22 outputs – plus all of the superior features found in other Carbonite models such as MiniMEs, MultiScreen, 3G and UHD (4K) format support.

Ross Faders


Effects Memory

keypads for each ME

3 ME



source select buttons





Carbonite Black Frame

  • 2 Rack Units – standard BNCs
  • 36 inputs
  • 22 outputs
  • 3 full MEs with 4 Keyers
  • 8 DVEs (4 in Frame Sync mode)
  • 4 MiniMEs with 2 MultiScreen Modes
  • 2 MultiViewers
  • 4 MediaStore channels
  • SD, HD, 3G & UHD (4K) processing
  • 6 Frame Synchronizers & Format converters (0 with 8 DVE)
  • ViewControl – touchscreen production control
  • DashBoard control integration
  • XPression motion graphics integration
  • BlackStorm video clip player integration

Ross Video Adds New Functions and Capabilities to XPression


Monday, April 13, 2015 [Las Vegas, Nevada, USA]

Today, Ross Video announces the introduction of multiple new functions and capabilities for the XPression line of real-time graphics systems, virtual reality rendering engines, production servers, and comprehensive workflow tools.
XPression 4K
The unique requirements of 4K productions command a special niche in the current video production landscape. The types of events and programming are typically high profile and require high-performance equipment. XPression Studio 4K and BlueBox 4K are designed to meet this challenge. Studio 4K includes the features of the all-in-one creation and playout XPression Studio, while BlueBox 4K provides full playback capabilities as a headless graphics engine. Both systems supply a single 4K quad-link output. Already used on some of the most watched programs in the world, XPression systems are the right solution at the right time for 4K production.
XPression Clips
While often segregated into individual workflows for live production, clips and real-time graphics come together in XPression Clips, an advanced IT technology production clip server from Ross Video. Built on the XPression graphics platform, XPression Clips is a dedicated clip server with the ability to be upgraded to full CG functionality with a software license. XPression Clips supercharges the production process with instant recall times and back-to-back transitions from an intuitive user interface or via automation triggers from other devices like Ross production switchers. Users can simultaneously ingest multiple channels of baseband video and output multiple channels of clips to air. Three different configurations are available depending on the requirements.
XPression INcoder
XPression’s entry into the clip server market is accompanied by an extremely useful companion product, XPression INcoder, a high-powered file-based ingest and transcoding application that simplifies the use of multiple codecs within a facility. XPression INcoder works in the background to quickly transcode clips into the highly efficient XPression Video Codec - which supports video, key, and up to 16 channels of audio – and then delivers it for playout using its multi-target publishing capability. Destinations can include the XPression Clip Database, a shared storage system, FTP, or any file location across a network.
Version 6.0
“The substantial number of new products and features in the XPression line at NAB this year shows our product diversification commitment to meet the needs of the growing real-time graphic requirements of media organizations around the world,” said Brian Olson, Director of Marketing Product Management for XPression at Ross Video. “In addition to the support of 4K graphics production and clip integration that includes pre-roll elimination and a database with searchable metadata, a number of XPression applications are being updated. And, Version 6.0 is being released with a variety of new features that will greatly benefit the installed XPression user base.”
NAS and SAN Support with SNS
XPression Clips and XPression Studio with the Clip Server Option both support NAS and SAN configurations for storage of high-volume content. To better offer complete end-to-end clips and graphics solutions, Ross Video is announcing a strategic relationship with Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a leading manufacturer of shared storage solutions for film, video, VFX, graphic animation and audio workgroups. SNS EVO is the first certified SAN + NAS solution for XPression clip servers and real-time graphics engines.
EVO is a complete networked storage server combining a high-performance storage array with the most extensive connectivity options available in a single product –including 8 Gb/s Fiber Channel and 10 Gb/s Ethernet, with easy-to-use asset management via EVO’s ShareBrowser application. A fully configured EVO can support a total of 80 disks and up to 28 clients with or without a switch.
This certified storage system provides large-scale direct attached Gigabit Ethernet connections to XPression from SNS EVO with the bandwidth and performance that offers more streamlined workflows between creative service workgroups and playout, and can scale all the way to multi-channel enterprise environments.
XPression and EVO are already deployed and on the air at a major network with high-volume clips and graphics requirements, providing a well integrated solution and smooth workflow.