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AJA Video @ NAB 2015


AJA Launches New Mini-Converters at NAB 2015

New FiDO-4T-ST and FiDO-4R-ST 4K-capable Fiber Converters and HA5-4K; New CWDM Options Available for FiDO and FS Products

Las Vegas, NV, NAB Conference, Booth SL2505 (April 13, 2015)— AJA Video Systems today announced a host of new Mini-Converters, powerful and portable devices that harness AJA’s proven technology for more flexible and extensible digital video workflows. The newly announced FiDO-4T-ST and FiDO-4R-ST enable quad-channel SDI to ST Fiber and ST Fiber to SDI, enabling Fiber transmission of 4K and UltraHD signals, and HA5-4K converts UltraHD/HD HDMI to 4x 3G-SDI.

“AJA Mini-Converters are constantly working around the clock to hold together post, broadcast and production workflows,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “These products are the grease in the gears of any digital video environment, and with our new FiDO boxes and HA5-4K we’re making it simpler than ever before to streamline pipelines in multi-format environments.”

FiDO-4T-ST and FiDO-4R-ST are quad-channel 3G-SDI to ST Fiber and ST Fiber to 3G-SDI Mini-Converters carrying up to 4x 3G-SDI signals on a single converter, with the ability to send signals from a 4K/UltraHD source, such as from the CION camera, up to 10 kilometers. Alternatively, the quad-signal path also allows for multiple HD signals to be carried across long distances. 

•    Convert 4K/UltraHD/HD 3G-SDI to/from Fiber Digital Optical

•    Maximize distance with Fiber connectivity

•    Carry 4x HD signals up to 10 km over one optical cable

•    Ideal for mobile broadcast, studio and venue infrastructures

•    Versatile and rugged; suitable for indoor or outdoor use

•    20VDC power

•    5-year warranty

HA5-4K provides a simple and powerful path from UltraHD/HD HDMI to SDI, converting the signal to 4x 3G-SDI.

•    Integrate UltraHD/HD HDMI devices into SDI workflows

•    3G-SDI capability for high data rate signals

•    Configurable via AJA MiniConfig software for Mac and PC

•    Compact size fits easily in small spaces

•    2-channel HDMI embedded audio support

•    Audio output delay adjustment

•    2-channel RCA analog audio output

•    5-20VDC power

•    5-year warranty

AJA is also now offering CWDM (Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing) Fiber choices, allowing multiple channels of 3G-SDI to be carried on a single Fiber. The advantage of CWDM is that there are nine pairs of wavelengths, so up to 18x 3G SDI signals can be muxed for transmission across one Fiber cable, extending flexibility in the field for running long video signal paths. The CWDM modules plug into AJA’s existing SFP cages. 

AJA extends the CWDM technology into our FiDO stand-alone Fiber offerings with the introduction of the FiDO-2T-CWDM. AJA's FS1-X and FS2 Frame Synchronizers can also now accept a full complement of CWDM Dual Transmitters, configurable in existing SFP cages, as options at time of order. 

CION 1.2 softwareAJA Releases v1.2 Firmware for CION™ Production Camera at NAB 2015

Las Vegas, NV (April 13, 2015) — AJA Video Systems unveiled v1.2 firmware for its CION 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD professional production camera today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2015. The field-upgradeable software update brings CION users around the world additional image improvements, new features and several other enhancements. It is available for free download here:

CION v1.2 updates:   

White Balance —Improved white balance performance for over exposed image portions

Video Levels — Improved video levels with higher IRE values available for various EI, gamma and color correction combinations.

Gamma/Color correction — Additional gamma and color correction options for higher EI 800 and EI 1000 values.

New LUT support —Internal video gamma LUT for external monitoring of the Expanded 1 or Disabled gamma selections when an external LUT device is not in use.

Auto White Balance Alarm — Notifies users if an image does not contain a sufficient value of white or grey to perform an appropriate white balance and reverts to the unity setting.

Time Lapse Function Indicator — Interval record (time lapse) indication for the superimposed monitoring overlay. 

Expanded RGB output — SMPTE or full RGB range values can now be selected for the main SDI outputs.

Ergonomic and lightweight with unparalleled connectivity, CION is capable of shooting at 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD resolutions. In-camera recording directly to the Apple ProRes family of codecs, including 12-bit ProRes 444, enables incredible image quality capture to cost-effective AJA Pak SSD media at up to 4K/60p, and offers compatibility with a wide range of post production applications. CION can also output AJA Raw at up to 4K 120fps via 4 x 3G-SDI or up to 4K 30fps via Thunderbolt™. 

“We're thrilled by the enthusiasm we’ve seen for CION from the community thus far and we’ve been blown away by the incredible images our users are creating; it’s fueling our team’s efforts to regularly bring users new features and improvements that will help solve common production problems,” says Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. “CION already offers so many great features at an incredible price point, and this software update is just another example of our commitment to make it even greater with the integration of some of our most popular user-requested features.”  

CION v1.2 firmware is field-upgradeable, easily uploaded to the CION camera via a built-in web UI with a standard web-browser, and recommended for all CION users.